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Clarification Of Bible Passages Grasping The Understanding Of Others - 275 Words

Clarification Of Bible Passages: Grasping The Understanding Of Others (Essay Sample) Content: Discussion Board 2Students Name:Institutional Affiliation: IntroductionThe Bible is an ancient book whose scriptures were written by prophets, prophetesses, kings and queens. This was through the intervention of the Holy Spirit. Newly converted Christians need to be taught the necessity of developing Bible study habits. This essay will discuss points that I will address to the new Christian on the importance of translations, commentaries and tools in understanding bible passages.Clarification of bible passagesThe Bible is a spiritual book whose chapters and verses was written with the help of the Holy Spirit (Wintle, 2015). New and existing Christians require critical thought in order to understand the spiritual writings. Bible stories are interlinked in the way different stories evolve from Genesis in the Old Testament to revelation in the New Testament. Many Bible chapters and verses are written in parables and poetry hence interpretation is essential (Albrektson, 2016).For instance, Jesus majorly used parables in teaching his followers. One cannot understand the relationship between the parables and real life without commentaries. They are necessary as they expound on Bible verses that have hidden meanings.Grasping the understanding of othersThe Bible is a huge book with a collection of many books. Each book is divided into chapters, and each chapter contains verses. Very few people around the world have managed to understand the inner meaning of each book, chapter and verse (Burge and Hill, (2015). A vast number of Bible scholars together with pastors and evangelists have commentaries and translations on the chapters and verses. Utilizing these resourceful components aids one in understanding the Bible better as they provide interpretations and ideas of others.Vast imagination capabilityThe Bible was written thousands of years ago when the world had not civilized as compared to the contemporary society (Sugirtharajah, 2016). Visions of the writers such as the geography of the land, laws that were practiced during that era, the language used by people during that period and the culture of the people in that time are made manifested by these tools. Translations aid in understanding what was being spoken and written whereas commentaries and tools aid in describing cultural and geographical aspects (Brueggemann 2018). This aids ones imagination hence a deeper understanding of the Bible.ConclusionDespite being written thousands of years ago, commentaries, translations and tools have proved to aid Christians...

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How to Get Copies of Your Past Income Tax Returns

You can get either exact copies or brief â€Å"transcript† of your past U.S. federal tax returns from the IRS. Typically, you can request copies or transcripts of Tax Forms 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ for up to 6 years after they were filed (after which they are destroyed by law). Copies of other types of tax forms may be available for longer than 6 years. Exact Copies - $50 Each You can request an exact copy of a past tax return by using IRS Tax Form 4506 (Request for Copy of Tax Return). Note that you can only order 1 type of tax return per request form, which means you must submit separate Forms 4506 if you need different types of returns. Make sure your full payment (of $50 per copy) is included with your request. Also keep in mind that it may take the IRS up to 75 days to process your request.Copies of jointly filed tax returns may be requested by either spouse and only one signature is required. Allow 60 calendar days to receive your copies. Transcripts of Tax Returns – No Charge For many purposes, you can meet the requirements for past tax returns with a â€Å"transcript† – a computer print-out of the information on your old tax return – rather than an exact copy. A transcript may be an acceptable substitute for an exact copy of a return by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and lending agencies for student loans and mortgages.A tax return transcript will show most line items contained on the return as it was originally filed. If you need a statement of your tax account which shows changes that you or the IRS made after the original return was filed, however, you must request a tax account transcript. Both transcripts are generally available for the current and past three years and are provided free of charge. The period in which you will receive the transcript varies from within ten to thirty business days from the time the IRS receives your request for the tax return or tax account transcript.You can obtain a free t ranscript by calling the IRS at toll-free 800-829-1040 and following the prompts in the recorded>You can also obtain a free transcript by completing IRS Form 4506-T (PDF), Request for Transcript of Tax Return, and mailing it to the address listed in the instructions. Why Would You Need Old Tax Returns? Why do thousands of taxpayers request copies of past returns every year? According to the IRS, there are lots of reasons, including: You Miscalculated: Something as simple as a minor math mistake on a tax form can leave you needing to resolve an issue with the IRS. Typically, you will need to re-file the return to resolve the problem.You Lost the Old Ones: Lots of taxpayers like or need to keep detailed tax records.You Need Proof: Many financial chores, like applying for a loan require proof of your past tax records.You Forgot Some Documents: The IRS might require you to recalculate your taxes is you forgot to attach certain documents. For example, you might need documents proving your deductions or a copy of a W2 form.You Are Filing for Bankruptcy: Let’s hope you never do, but if you are filing for bankruptcy you’ll need copies of your past tax returns. Being able to provide the bankruptcy court with a complete financial history is a top priority in the process. Note for Taxpayers Trying to Get or Modify a Home Loan To help taxpayers trying to obtain, modify or refinance a home mortgage, the IRS has created IRS Form 4506T-EZ, Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript. Transcripts ordered using Form 4506T may also be mailed to a third party, such as a mortgage institution  if specified on the form. You must sign and date the form giving your consent for the disclosure. Businesses, partnerships or individuals who need transcript information from other forms, such as Form W-2 or Form 1099, can use Form 4506-T (PDF), Request for Transcript of Tax Return, to obtain the information. These transcripts may also be mailed to a third party if there is consent for the disclosure. Note for Taxpayers Impacted by Federally Declared Disasters For taxpayer impacted by a federally declared disaster, the IRS will waive the usual fees and expedite requests for copies of tax returns for people who need them to apply for benefits or to file amended returns claiming disaster-related losses. For additional information, refer to IRS Tax Topic 107, Tax Relief Disaster Situations, or call the IRS Disaster Assistance Hotline at 866-562-5227.

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Sex Education Is More Beneficial Than Abstinence Only...

All over the world in classrooms, households, churches and sometimes in every day life sex education is a topic on people’s minds. Whether this topic is taught in detail rather than in avoidance of the action is the debate we need to have. It is almost impossible to go all of our lives without being exposed to some level of education of sexual activity. Sometimes that education is associated with positivity and other times it is comparable to the sin of all sins. Sex education is more beneficial than abstinence only education because those taught to avoid it have no information on how to safely go about it when their urges surface, as well associating fear of sin and holding them to pledges of virginity can harm young adult’s decision†¦show more content†¦She also made it very clear that she does not dispute her actions, but instead fully realizes them and wishes to use them as a learning opportunity for her kids, and adolescents around the world. Anyone who wi shes to pass on information to another person, similar to the work that teachers do, will always delve into the information they feel is most important, but what is truly important can be perceived in many different ways. The safety issues that arise with abstinence only education are numerous. Young adults will not know anything about the action itself let alone the precautionary steps that every person should take before engaging in intercourse. It is almost impossible for teens to know the countless risks that threaten them when a condom is not in play. As well they have no idea how permanent a lot of those risks are. In abstinence only education it can only be hoped that they have heard something about sexually transmitted diseases, or pregnancy rates in relation to sexual activity and if they have this almost always would be very surface level information. With this situation being setup young teens, who will no doubt face their sexual urges during a very dynamic time in their bodily development, will then go in blind and act on impulse rather than accompanying their urges with cautious thought. Sex education

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Learning does not eradicate ignorance free essay sample

INDRODUCTION : Learning is the consistent and deep engagement of the mind and body in the active pursuit of knowledge and experience from birth to death. â€Å"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. † -Albert Einstein. Now, science is helping to support the importance of learning in keeping brains active and healthy for a lifetime. But on the other hand, ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is much easier: it asks nothing, requires nothing, and means nothing. It’s comfortable. This seems to be destroying humanity, slowly but surely. So, it is extremely necessary to eradicate ignorance. But learning does not eradicate ignorance..!!! Choose to be ignorant? Or Lack Knowledge? Choosing to be ignorant, simply means that you stop yourself from learning and nothing more. You have already made up your mind, reinforced with your faith and belief, so as to ignore new knowledge from being learned. This only happens when one has no control of ego or do not realize their ego is more than they can handle. It is really sad, when someone decides to choose ignorance over learning, because they believe they already have the knowledge they need for their entire life. This is false, foolish and human nature misunderstood by them. They make decisions or choices, solely based on old knowledge and past experiences, without imagination or fore-sight. Their individual limited scope for awareness is limited by their own ego, yet do not see it for what it is truly. A problem! Choose to be ignorant is bad How would you like to be Xed out, because you choose to be ignorant? Would you like your life to end abruptly, because you choose to not learn anymore? Would you like for your family to struggle, having to deal with your ineptitude? Who knows? Your ego right this second is pounding to the front of your brain and calling me all sorts of names. That is, if you did not agree with what was said. You probably are contemplating leaving a nasty comment, and you havent even finished reading the hub. Please, do STOP and THINK about that just for a few seconds. Have you been told something, that you learned to be not true? It slams into your ego, like a freight train rams into a parked car on the tracks waiting to get slammed. All of sudden, something you have learned about is no longer true and you have to accept it. You must bend with change, otherwise you are left out in the cold to suffer, while people pity you. Lack knowledge. There are more people choosing to be ignorant than there are who have no access to knowledge. Many people pick up a lot of knowledge from the streets of the cities and the people who live out there. More and more kids are learning more dangerous things on the streets, when they should be home safely and learning moral values, which have been on a spiraling decline over the years. The question remains, if the problem is a lack of knowledge, then what has prevented them from receiving the proper knowledge? Well, I am of the understanding that many people seem to be confused about Life in general. They lack what appears to be common knowledge to most, but isnt to them. Many attribute the downfall humanity is about to experience, from greed of others and manipulations of factual truth. Recently an article was published about how Americans refuse to look at facts anymore, because so many others have completely manipulated them to appear as something different. Lacking knowledge leads to choosing ignorance.. Constantly, people tell me it is impossible to figure out life. The concept itself has bugged or nagged scientists and religious scholars for centuries. But, the concept of life is more than just a concept. It is a living and breathing human being, who has a conscience, a subconsciousness and a consciousness. Thus, they realize and understanding that they are living life. They know they are in existence and wonder why? Many look for a meaning for their life, yet more and more die without one. Many look to god for guidance or purpose, but that points to them not understanding, yet they do not realize it. The simple facts of life really boil down to only a few basic human characteristics that must be keep in check at all times. Your actions, should be honest and not harmful to anyone. You should remain responsible about being honest with yourself and others. You should know that you are connected in life to those who are living around you. You are connected, because you are around them and your actions affect/effect them, as well their actions have an impact on your life. Chosen Ignorance negates learning.. The beauty of life is that we can control what we do. We can, on an individual basis, prevent other people from manipulating others by standing by the person who is being manipulated. We can show them the truth and let them decide from themselves. It requires a person to always keep an open mind, to the possibilities, that there are factors that they are not aware of or do not see. Many people think choice is an illusion, as is control. What many people fail to realize is that there is nothing stronger than the human will or its mind. When someone sets out to accomplish a task, their individual focus is streamlined, so as to consciously develop the integrated skills to get the task done. It is amazing the power of the will and mind, combined makes. There can never be someone or something else to guide your life, because it or they cannot do the thinking for you, nor can they take the steps you need to take to do whatever is that you think to do. . The education industry devotes most of its information oriented resources to inducing students to learn new facts and subtle complex relationships previously discovered or invented by others. If you lack knowledge, then seek out to learn more. CONCLUSION : Individuals may be said to choose continued ignorance in such areas, but it must be acknowledged that estimates used for such decisions are necessarily of poor quality. In areas of ignorance well away from the margin, ignorance is so great as to preclude even a cursory analysis of unimagined possibilities. (Consider the cave mans decision not to learn about stainless steel or helicopters. ) The bulk of ignorance is natural in the sense that man is born into the world in a largely ignorant state. that ignorance has economically significant impacts, and that our understanding of many economic phenomena can be deepened by taking account of this neglected kind of incomplete information. So, ignoranant root cannot only be removed by learning but needs a deep sense of true facts and life values..!! â€Å"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. † -Martin Luther King

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To what extent was Arthur Balfour responsible for Conservative decline Essay Example

To what extent was Arthur Balfour responsible for Conservative decline Essay The 1906 election was a major turning point in the political climate of Edwardian Britain. The loss of this election heralded a period of Conservative decline and Liberal ascendancy. Many historians blame Arthur Balfour, nephew to Lord Salisbury, for the landslide loss for the Conservatives in the 1906 general election. Whether it was the policies he implemented, the political machinations of the Liberals and the newly formed Labour Party or simply a demand for a change in political policy, the 1906 election was a crucial point in the political history of Britain. Balfour was the essence of a true Edwardian politician. He was a good administrator and an excellent debater, a skill he used frequently in the House of Commons. Balfour was brought up close to politics and government as a result of his being nephew to Lord Salisbury esteemed conservative party leader; said by Atlee to be the best Prime Minister of his lifetime. This upbringing was to greatly help him in later life. Balfour aimed to maintain Conservative unity at a time when policy choices greatly divided the party. His clear mind and awareness of Britains new diplomatic and political position in the world was to later help him as Prime Minister. We will write a custom essay sample on To what extent was Arthur Balfour responsible for Conservative decline specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on To what extent was Arthur Balfour responsible for Conservative decline specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on To what extent was Arthur Balfour responsible for Conservative decline specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer However, his cold detached manner made him unpopular with the voters, and was seen by many to be aloof and uncaring. This is shown by Blake, Balfour, however had his blind spots, and their effects on the electoral fortunes of the party were considerable. The Taff Vale Case 1901, highlighted to many Balfours aloof and uncaring nature with regard to the lower classes. In the Taff Vale case, Balfours position of leaving it to the courts made him highly unpopular with the lower classes who saw him to be siding with the upper classes. This allowed the Liberals to make use of the resentment against the Conservatives, and gather support for the next election. His non-intervention also alienated him from the trade unions and the lower classes, thus decreasing Conservative support. The Education Act 1902 was one of Balfours major blunders. Although his intentions were good, as he wanted to provide everyone with a better education, he managed to infuriate the Non-conformists and thus increased Liberal support and unity. However although the Act did do this it provided a better more efficient secondary schooling system. In this way, the act was a success. Yet, the success of Balfours education system was shadowed by the infuriated Non-conformists who were outraged at having to pay for Anglican and Catholic schools. This act was a major political turning point for the Tories and should have shown Balfour that he must be more aware of the concerns of the lower classes: after this act, they lost two constituencies in quick succession, whereas previously they won 9 out of 10 by-elections. The Licensing Act 1904 was another act, which offended the Non-Conformists and increased their unity under the Liberals. The ending of the diplomatic isolation of Britain was to be one of Balfours most important legacies, as it enabled Britain to begin to focus on Europe the new diplomatic theatre for power the days of the colonies were over. The alliances with Japan (1902) and France (1904) helped Britain become more prepared for the ravages of World War 1. Balfours reorganisation of both the army and navy also helped to prepare Britain for WWI. However, these achievements would only be fully appreciated after WWI, as the voters were not particularly bothered about military reforms whilst the empire was at peace. These actions did not speed up Conservative Decline, but nor did they reduce it, and so were not greatly advantageous to the Conservatives. Balfours approval of Milners request for Chinese labour in South Africa was a disastrous decision, which cost the Conservatives a large number of votes. There were three main reactions to this approval that cost the Conservatives votes: first were humanitarian concerns. Many members of the public were unhappy about the conditions the Chinese workers were being forced to work and live in. The second reaction was one of discontent at the emigration route to South Africa being closed. This meant that many unemployed workers were now unable to emigrate to South Africa for work because the demand for labour had been filled by Chinese immigrants. The third reaction was from the trade unions. They believed that if the government could import cheap labour in one of its colonies, then they could do it here in Britain. This outraged them and made them firmly oppose the Conservatives, thus increasing support for the Liberals the only real alternative to the Tories. Tariff reform also united the lower classes against the Conservatives as the Liberals raised the old cry of tax on food! this was one of the few things that could make the lower classes staunch opponents of the Conservatives. However, Balfour was opposed to this reform, and made it clear to Joseph Chamberlain that it would be a grave mistake to introduce it. Yet, as party leader, he did nothing by way of overruling him. This was a grave mistake and increased Liberal support. The Lib-Lab Pact 1903 unified the anti-conservative vote and ensured that more constituencies voted into power either Liberal MPs or Labour MPs. This secret pact ensured that less Conservatives were voted into power thus reducing their chances of winning the election of 1906. To conclude, I believe that Arthur Balfour was one of the reasons for Conservative decline and the loss of the 1906 election. However, I do not believe that it was solely his fault, as rebellious members of his cabinet put forward reforms that he disapproved of and thus alienated their party from the mass voters. This will have increased the speed at which the conservatives were falling into decline. Although this is true, I think that the political machinations of the Liberals also played a hand in the downfall of the Conservatives. In addition, I believe that the tides of change were already acting upon the fortunes of the Conservative party, and that it was merely a question of when they would be voted out of power.

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Meltdown essays

Meltdown essays On Saturday, April 26, 1986 at 1:23 am, the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history occurred at the Chernobyl Unit 4 reactor in the Ukraine, former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). The Chernobyl accident was the product of a severely flawed reactor design, one that could never have been licensed in the United States of America, and the plant operators made solemn mistakes. The operators violated procedures that guaranteed safe operation of the plant. The accident destroyed the reactor, killed 32 people, and contaminated large areas of Belarus, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The Chernobyl disaster was the only time in the history of commercial nuclear electricity generation that radiation-related fatalities occurred. The largest nuclear disaster could have easily been prevented, if the Former Soviet Union would not have undermined the warnings and cautions they were given. The Former Soviet Unions choice to use the RBMK was an outcome of bi-beneficial reasoning. The RBMK provides the USSR economic resourcefulness and military advantages. At the time, Ukraine had poor economic development and the militarys needs of potential nuclear warfare during the Cold War logically brought the RBMK as a solution to the problem. The Union saw the advantages of the RBMK, as warfare tactics and economic prosperity and overlooked consequences. The qualifying explanation that the RBMK, Reactor Bolshoi Moschnosti Kanalynyi (roughly translated as reactor cooled by water and modified by graphite), supplies an unlimited access to the chronic raw materials that Ukraine is saturated in and also provides needs for military enhancement is true. However, the risks of this plan for the nuclear plant far outweigh the selfish advantages the Union was seeking. The nuclear power plant works readily with some contamination. On the other hand, military circumstantial requiremen ts were only for the abundance and easy access to...

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Technological Determinism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Technological Determinism - Essay Example d since that society plans itself to endorse and further develop technology right after it has been introduced (Thurlow, Crispin, Lengel, Laura, Tomic 44). This paper will discuss how might technological determinism can be applied to the way that the news media, advertisers and individuals talk about the emergence of certain new communication technologies and also how technology determinism shapes how people use these technologies. This paper will generally address new technologies such as the Internet, social media services, IPTV (Internet protocol television, like Apple TV), video games, cell phones or other specific examples of your choosing. Journalists are normally overly occupied. In the field, when, at times, there is gunfire plus ever-present danger/risk, a journalist or reporter has a lot on his or her hands (Thurlow et al. 44). Not only are there demands for survival, but also there are worries concerning how the equipment will work, will internet be there and how will the report go about attempting to comprehend something maybe in a language that they do not comprehend, for instance, English journalists/reporters reporting an Arabic clash with the U.S. military (Thurlow 23). However, the social media has made this all easy. A journalist can take pictures for a far or even use already-uploaded picture of, for example, a war situation so that the public can know the matter at hand (Thurlow et al. 44). The social media has made this more effective using mobile technology wherein media houses can circulate images and anyone using a mobile can view them anywhere even without a television. Technological determinism can also be applied by advertisers and individuals to talk about the emergence of new communication technologies but advertising their products or even job vacancies to jobseekers (Thurlow 23). Today, more people use Facebook and Twitter more than they read newspapers. The normal portal, in the past, for advertising products has been through TV,